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  Aurelia Reg’d Vizslas

About Us

We are a small kennel located on Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. We are committed to preserving the Hungarian Vizsla breed standard both in form and function. We breed Vizslas for health, temperament and structure while maintaining the breed’s natural field ability and versatility.  Our kennel name, Aurelia [aw REL yah], means “gold” in Hungarian and “golden” or “the golden one” in Latin.

When researching breeds, we were looking for an intelligent, athletic dog that would be affectionate, enjoy training, be a close part of our family and one we could learn and grow with. These golden rust dogs captured our hearts. The Hungarian Vizsla represents an amazing combination of sporting dog and loving, loyal companion.

From the moment our first Vizsla entered our world, our lives changed forever. We have earned multiple Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) titles with our Vizslas including Champion, Grand Champion, Field, Obedience, Rally Obedience and Canine Good Neighbour. We have earned Canadian Association of Rally Obedience (CARO) titles, Canine - Work and Games (C-WAGS) Scent titles and legs towards Agility Association of Canada (AAC) titles. We have also had one of our Vizslas certified as a St John Ambulance Therapy Dog. Brenda is a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA-CTP) and we are members in good standing with the Canadian KennelClub (CKC). 

Vizslas are such loving and loyal companions. They truly earn the nicknames “Versatile Vizslas” and “Velcro Vizslas”.For us, they are a perfect fit.

                                             ~ Glenn & Brenda     

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